Around the Community…

*Thank you for taking the time to attend the 2019 Kehalani Community Association Annual Meeting and also speaking in Owners Forum.
It was unfortunate that we were unable attain an adequate number of homeowners, such as yourselves, to participate at the Annual Meeting or by voting for a subdivision voting member.
By not doing so, we were unable to meet our quorum requirements and therefore, unable to do the business of the Association.
Even though the normal Annual meeting activities could not be completed, we have received assurances that our current Board of Directors have agreed to remain on the Board and continue providing management oversight over the Associations business.
We again, thank you for your participation and hope that you may help us get the word out in the community for greater participation by our homeowners.
Sincerely yours,

*Until further notice, KCA’s landscapers will no longer be using glyphosate in the community.

*Any questions or concerns regarding site work on the area above the school and next to The Cottages, please contact TJ Gomes at 244-0036.