Association Documents

For Disclosure Information and/or Recorded Documents,
please contact Docutrieve at (808) 533-2292.


The Kehalani Community Association Board of Directors authorized the removal of the approved Board and Voting Member minutes from its website. This decision was based on recommendation from its Legal Advisor in an attempt to limit the Association’s exposure to lawsuits for written materials when used for real estate transactions.

Since this occurrence, the KCA has received several request for approved minutes of the Board and Voting Member meetings. Furthermore, HRS Section 421J–7, provides that all Kehalani Community Association owners have a right to view and/or get copies of Association documents upon request if the member pays a reasonable fee for duplication, postage, stationary, and other administrative cost associated with handling the request.

The KCA Board of Directors, in an attempt to accomplish both goals has developed the following policy:

The Kehalani Community Association Board of Directors has determined that approved Board and Voting Member meeting minutes will be available to homeowners by request, in the following manner;
   1) Examination may be made by the Association owners by appointment at the Kehalani Community Association Site Office; or
   2) Via email from the Site Manager. The approved minutes will be water marked, "NOT FOR REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS."

Documents that must be obtained from Docutrieve - (808) 533-2292 or include:
   1) Minutes, house rules, financials, budgets, the reserve study and/or documents that are required for a real estate transaction, for the purpose of selling or refinancing a unit or home.
   2) All recorded Documents; such as, Declaration, Bylaws, Amendments, etc. and Disclosures.
   3) Requests from Realtors, Lenders, Attorneys, Foreclosure Commissioners, etc.  

If the owner is not selling their unit or home and requests a copy of documents such as, minutes, house rules, financials, budgets or reserve study, they need to contact Hawaiiana Management, fill out a document request form and prepay for the copies.  The check is to be made payable to: Hawaiiana Management Company, Ltd.

(Request forms will be available from the Site Office or Hawaiiana Management Office. The above will be posted on the Kehalani Community Association website.)

This policy may be subject to change at any time.